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Darrent-new current thread as of 1-2-07

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  • Darrent-new current thread as of 1-2-07

    hey is Tuesday morning 1-2-07
    9:30AM Arizona time, which I believe is the same as mountain right now.

    I am anxious for this thread to be for what is considered "current news" as of
    1-2-07 on Darrent. I see by the morning Post and Snooze that they haven't found the shooters.

    hmmm...Denver Police will have to release any further news briefs, etc. They need their investigation time no doubt. But if anyone has any new news, please post it. It's getting hard to find "new news" within the threads on the message boards. <smiles>

    The Bronks just have to get back to being a team, so the statements from Coach Shanny and Mr. Bowlen will probably hold for awhile. I wonder how Javon is holding up. Does anyone know if counseling has been initiated for everyone in the limo and others, etc. ????

    Geez louise............I am so sorry about this for Denver, Colorado and Broncomaniacs all over. Let's try to keep the force. It will bind us together.