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    I am just sickend by the fact that we must kill and harm each other for self glory. Dee was a young man that did all things asked of him and for a coward to so violently take someones life is just beyond words. My heart goes out to his family and the entire Bronoco Organization. Please continue to tell young people we love them and enstill good values in them when their are young so they can make better decisions where they are older.

    Thanks and GOD Bless the city Denver!!!!!!!

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    This was a cowardly act of violence that we unfortunately have to live with in our daily lives.

    The Bronco organization had to endure that tough loss which knocked us out of the playoffs only to wake up to this tragic news. It is like being kicked when you are already down.

    I am still shocked and saddened by this.
    :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa: