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    I didn't get to see it personally.

    But my dad told me about it and how classy of a man Shanny is and how lucky we are not to only have a great football coach, but a great man aswell.


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      the video is now on the main website


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        Originally posted by PatsCrowEater
        I watched the whole news conference and was so impressed with how Shanahan was so sensitive, emotional and caring.

        You not only have a great coach, you have a great man.
        Every year before the season starts, Mike takes the guys fishing, and holds a bowling tournament for them. That is why they are such a CLOSE team.

        Thanks to Bronco4Life and Medford Bronco for signature

        Rest in Peace - Darrent (27) and Damien (29


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          Originally posted by bestkeeper_14
          haven't seen the whole thing, but saw a clip on espn news adn Shanny was saying that that u don't know why God takes people but he took a great one this time. I completely lost it. Anyone have a link to the video??
          The video is available on Channel 4's site (below). Just click on "Emotional Coach Remembers Darrent Williams" under "More Top Stories"....


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            Mike Shanahan was very brave and you could see that he was speaking truly from the heart. It showed what an impact young Darrent had on him and the team. It's going to be a very tough and emotional week ahead for him and the players, but with Mike's leadership, you know they will handle this with class and will do everything they can for Darrent's family and friends.