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Sadness and hope

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  • Sadness and hope

    The sadness of this senseless tragedy can only be coped with by hoping that one day Good will triumph, and there will be no more suffering in the world.

    Peter & Mary-Ellen van Muijen
    The Netherlands

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    Darrent Williams passing

    I am a die hard 49er fan. My brother is a life long Denver fan. You cant imagine the joy I had watching the Niners knocking the Broncos out of the playoffs just to have it all crashing down by hearing of the passing of Darrent Williams. I called my brother when I first read the AP wire about his possible death. We sat and seen sportscenter together as it came on the screen. While me and my bro didnt know Darrent, I heard that he was a wonderful human being. Others have said that maybe he is being talked about so much because he was a pro football player. Some have even told me that young people are murdered everyday with no news coverage. I for one am sick of this gun violence. If you are a Bronco fan and live in a nice neighborhood, then this act of violence is new to you. But to us that live in the inner cities, its a way off life. Lets not forget everyone else that has died to to guns. Lets use Darrent Williams as an example of mounting gun violence in the U.S. A buddy of mine served a tour in Afghanistan with the U.S. special forces, and two tours in Iraq. Ten year military man. Came home early last year to visit his parents in Los Angeles. While on leave he was shot and killed in a drive by shooting. Darrent, I wish I would had a chance to meet you but I'm sure we will meet later in the after life. Darrent do me a favor and say hi to Walter Payton, Lamar Hunt, and all the great ones that are up there with you. Man what a ProBowl you guys are having upstairs. R.I.P Darrent, Condolences from the Sanchez family in Los Angeles to the Williams family