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    Originally posted by pittstgorrilakc
    hello, i am pitt state football player and have been i die hard chiefs fan my entire life. i know that they have a space for all the chiefs fans to exspress their sympathy for the williams family, the broncos organization, and your alls tragic lose but i wanted to write to u guys specifically. while i was extremly happy for the chiefs playoff berth the night of new years eve. i became a little less happy when i turned on espn the following morning and found out about the tragic murder of the fine player and person that was darrent williams, at that point it became a bitter sweet joy. i know some of you might find it odd that an opposing chiefs fan, due to our rivialry, would be saddened by this but i believe that life and compassion are far more important than football. like when i told a friend(who is a chiefs fan, and someone who i now question as a person) laugh at me when i told him i was upset over williams death and asked me why i am not as happy about the chiefs in the playoffs as i was and than proceded to ask me " well if you could have williams back or the chiefs not in the playoffs, what would i take? i did not hesitate to say that i would have williams back in this world... it is just a game anyways. the nfl, your team, the broncos organization, the williams family and this world lost a fine player, a great family man and an even greater human being the other day and i as a chiefs fan know what you are going through. ive been there when i was in 8th grade i cried for days after the lose of one my heros, derrick thomas. so i pray for everyone in the broncos organization, you the fans, the williams family and his children, i hope that you all find the strenghth to cope with tragedy and may god bless you all and the soul of darrent williams.

    RIP #27 Darrent Williams, you were a pain when you played my team, but u were a hell of a player and a person that i as a fan had the utmost respect for, you will truly be missed.

    Thanks, that was beautiful.

    They're your teammates, now.
    Best of luck, TT!
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      I tried to hold it back when i first heard about it i was with all my friends who dont really care about football and they dont know how hard it really is i mean i have never met the guy but he feels like he is part of your family your cheering for him every sunday and i was just watching him the day before its just hard knowing that you will never get to see him play again thats what really brings a tear to my eye


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        I lost a former player two years ago in an oil field accident. I still have the hat he gave me for being chosen to the Wyoming Super 25 football team.

        When Shanahan started giving his interview today, I had to get up and leave. Right now, I can't seperate the feelings for the two deaths. So much for closure.


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          I've cried 2 times once when I first found out yesterday and before I went to bed.
          Thank You Darrent RIP


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            I have had a heavy heart since I heard the news, but Shanny got the tears to come up with the press conference.


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              I admit, I cried.

              Last time I cried was when a kid I knew at my high school died 3 months back.

              I cried a few times yesterday, but today, It has hit me harder than yesterday.


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                I just woke up heavy hearted wanting to do something yet helpless.

                Depression sucks.
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                  I can't count how many times I've cried over this. As a graveyard shifter, I heard the news as I was going to bed. My dreams were all screwy because of the news and I was unbearably sad when I woke up and was practically crying immediately. I posted a tribute on my blog and my MySpace and I feel like there should be more for me to do. I'm at a loss...
                  We'll never forget Darrent Williams
                  I Bleed Orange & Blue


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                    5+ if you count any slight tearing up.

                    I was really torn up and streaming the tears when I watched this late last night...
                    That song and the photos got me...

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                      Ok... I am tearing up again...

                      This sucks...

                      Life is precious...

                      I must say, when I watched Shanny's press conference...


                      That got me bad too... when he say's "He got somebody very special in Darrent..."

                      I cried with him...

                      I felt connected with Mike at that moment and I do hope that he is our coach for a VERY long time because I can tell he is a good man. He doesn't show his emotions often, but he really cares...
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                        Probably not done yet either.


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                          3.. so far..

                          shanahan's press conference
                          Schefler's tribute
                          seeing his little boy and girl on

                          i remember watching him at the Broncos-Chargers game and his interception and all i could think was wow.. this guy must be special, he has his whole name on his jersey.. and turns out, he was special...he had so much talent and it was taken away by some idiots... RIP Darrent Williams


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                            i didnt cry, but i am very sad. i didnt know the young man good enough.


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                              I cried when I read it online when I woke up in Korea dumbfounded.

                              I cried 4 more times through the day as I heard about his kids, how it happend.

                              I had dreams about him running at games i had watched live at Oklahoma State-

                              woke up to Mike Shanahan crying and lost it again.

                              I posted his picture on my office door this morning- everyone seems to be normal, except the 3 bronco fans in my building.

                              THis one will take a long while to heal from-- if ever.....


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                                I voted that I had only cried once, which was true up until the point at which I voted, but I've cried a couple times since then. This is really a terrible feeling, I don't think I've cried in at least 7 years until now. (I'm 18)
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                                Thanks, tnedator!
                                We'll miss you more than you could ever know, Darrent and Damien. We already do. R.I.P., D-Will and Damien Nash. :'(