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How many times have you cried?

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    today i went to my friends house, who happens to be a bronco fan also, we were chillin on the computer with our other friends who arent football fans. we went to youtube and watched the darrent tributes...... man those really hit me hard and i started crying right there...... its so hard to realize that hes really gone.
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      Im a guy also!
      and i dont cry!

      but i have gotten so close and teary eyed a lot!
      this one hurts like Crazy!

      i rememember when i went to bed i had tears!
      and i get up HOPING it wasnt true!
      and im wrong!
      and today has been a bad day!

      i dont know when/if i ever will get over it!

      but i sure have been sad a lot lately!
      even ppl that know me said i havnt been my normal self!


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        I heard about him passing on the TV in the back ground. I jumped and ran to the TV in amazement then saddness. I rushed to my computer to see if it was true. First stop was this fourm and the bronco website. I saw the Darrent pic on the home page and got real wound up. Then I came to the boards and started reading.....since then I really havent stoped the tears. It's been on and off, basicaly any time im on the net. I even had those half asleep half awake dreams about him. it has been rought, I just hope I may be able to sleep tonight and it's already 1:30.

        Thank you for everything Darrent. I'll never forget #27.


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          3 but I know i'll lose it the 1st pre-season game next year

          R.I.P Darrent Williams

          R.I.P Damien Nash


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            I probably should have included tearing up then because I've only had tears roll out for the eye once. Probably should have been more specific. Or less?
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              I have known a lot of people whom past away in course of my life and have yet to cry for darrent alone but have been tearied eyed.

              I came from same back ground as darrent and as darrent I was able to get guidence to change my life around. Sometimes I have and enxiety attacks do to the build up a rememberence of all past people I have known.

              This situation is hard for Javon as I was in his place before as well but going to be the hardest for his children.

              I wish as many people to go to the candle light service and hope not to much media is at funeral services.

              It is fine to cry it will hurt you more if you don't, If you bottle everything up it will eventially over flow

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                I can't even count the times I've had tears well up, everytime I come into this forum. I get misty eyed when I hear Darrent's name on TV or read something on the Internet or think about his family.

                Very sad for me, hard to deal with. That's why I'm not in this forum much.

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                  I'm also glad that I'm not the only one that feels this way. Most of us as fans didn't know him on a person level, but as fans he's a part of our "Broncos Family" and it effects us.
                  I'll just sit there and then realize that grinning, intercepting #27 isn't around anymore.
                  It really hits when I think about playing Madden 06...
                  He was part of the Bronco family. So it hurts.
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                    i havent cried in probably a year...havent had nothing really to cry about, but certian songs i hear reminds me of him and i tear up, and i cried when i found out and read these articles.


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                      I never cried.. i went from the shock to denial stage, then fought back tears, but never found myself crying. I'm not proud of it by any means, i agree that the "real men don't cry" BS, because that's exactly what it is. This tragedy really affected me, but for some reason it hasn't caused me to cry, probably because I didn't know him.

                      But at the same time, I feel like I DID know him. It's strange. I think I come closest to crying when i think about his family and teammates who really have to deal with the loss. I'm just a fan, they lost someone very close to them.
                      Always Remember Darrent Williams

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                        I bounce back and forth from being totally pissed to feeling like someone ripped my heart out. 5 times - at least.


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                          A tear here and there...a huge void everywhere, I will miss you Darrent!


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                            I have teared up numerous times, and cried a few, right now as a matter of fact. the first time at work when I saw the broncos homepage with Darrent and his arms raised. I have avoided watching the videos because I know how they will make me feel.

                            man, it is such a shame to see people so dedicated to life and living go down this way. tragic.

                            I didn't know that he had 2 kids and I really feel for them and his family.

                            god bless.
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