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condolences from Florida

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  • condolences from Florida

    Hey Bronco Nation,

    Never been on this board before...never really have much to say to Denver fans(not rivals & don't play the Bucs often). But I really want to let you guys know how sorry we are out here in Florida about the lost in Bronco nation and the Williams family. From the sounds of it, he was not only a great player, but a great person. Stay up guys and remember, there are more important things than football!!! Peace

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    I'm not in Florida but I'm a Bucs fan and think the same way


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      yeah, I don't see how anyone around football and the NFL could not be sad for a little while. The last thing to have an impact on my life was the movie "Click"...just had a good message, Now, this Darrent Williams thing has totally outdid the movie impact for obvious reasons.


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        and when I say "a little while", I mean at the least!


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          Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


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            yeah, I gotta get going Broncs and NewbetterBucs, Stay strong and I'll be pulling for ya guys next year, unless of course your playing the Bucs, and especially if your playing the Falcons, Panthers, or Saints...