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Did Darrent have a will?

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  • Did Darrent have a will?

    When a rookie in the NFL signs his contract, do player agents also include the drafting of a will as part of the normal procedure? It seems to me like Darrent would have made enough in two years to at least give both his kids a good education.

    It would be just horrible if the government got everything.

    Does anyone know how this works?

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    I doubt he wrote a will, seeing as he was only 24.

    I don't think the government gets the money either, but I'm not sure how much money he had left over from his last paychecks.

    The Broncos are holding a fundraiser drive though, so don't worry.


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      The government wont get everything.

      But unless he placed alot of assets in trusts, they will take a large chunk of his estate, yes.

      Up to half of it.