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Whats The Worst loss you have ever had to someone u cared for??

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  • Whats The Worst loss you have ever had to someone u cared for??

    ive Never lost a family member or anyone close!

    so this D-will loss is the closest person to me that has died!

    ive never felt this bad in my life actually!
    i just feel horrible lately and its hard to function!

    he was Truly a part of my life!

    whats the worst losses u guys have had??

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    I've never lost a close family member either so this so this is really bad. The only other 2 I can think of that come close would be Eddie Guerrero(wrestler) and Proof(rapper) since I was a big fan of them too.

    R.I.P Darrent Williams

    R.I.P Damien Nash


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      I have lost family members and friends. This also affected me. I consider the Broncos a part of my life so it was like losing a friend.
      R.I.P Darrent Williams #27
      You will always be a Denver Bronco


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        I lost my mother the day before Thanksgiving 2004. She was my best friend and even though we were in different states, we would watch football together........on the phone. All day long, we would talk on the phone and watch the games. We always had to pick opposite teams as our little friendly bet for a quarter. I always got the Broncos because she was a Packer fan. She had the hots for

        My best memory ever was sharing time with her during the Broncos/Packer Superbowl. She was with me then and we watched it together and sat and pigged out on Tacos.

        Football season is hard for me because sometimes I feel guilty about enjoying it so much without her but I know she wouldnt see it at that. The football season does help me a bit as I still miss her. At least I have the memories.

        PS........When I played high school football, she was at every game and even stayed after practice to chase balls for me. That seems like yesterday, even though it was 20 some odd years ago.

        I think thats why losing a member of the team I love so much is affecting me so much. It just hurts
        Broncos for life!!!


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          I lost my 2-1/2 year old son on New Years day 2 years ago and my father 10 months later. Being a Broncos fan since the mid 70's I like them as players and people and can say that Darrent's passing has affected me. My son's death and Darrent's were both sudden and unexpected for two vibrant healthy loved people who meant so much to those who loved them. New Years for me is not a day I celebrate anymore and now there is another reason to not celebrate for me.


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            I recently lost my Uncle who was married to my Aunt (mother's sister).
            He treated me like a son. He loved me. I loved him.
            His death really shook me. He'll forever be missed by me and his family. He was a good God fearing man.
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              Wow I lost a best friend about 1 years ago. And also both of my grandfathers in the past 4 years. And this seems like the same. The Broncos are like family. I research them for endless hours during the season. I am the same way with the White Sox but I can't really talk about this much to people who don't understand it because Darrent was a player I loved to watch on the field so yeah this hit pretty hard. People in Chicago barely know who the Denver Broncos are lol. I hate to have them find out about them at the expense of Darrent.
              With these Bronx thru no matter what!!!


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                Darrent since I've never lsot a family member. (Unless Darent counts)
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                  A couple years I ago I lost my grandfather, we were really close. This effected me too, the Broncos are a part of my family and so if one of them dies it's like losing a family member.

                  Glendale bound


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                    My best friend was killed in a car accident Feb. 15 2004, leaving behind a 2 year old daughter and a wife. I had known him since we were 3 years old and it hit me real hard.


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                      I lost a dear friend to an auto accident last May. She left behind a husband and 2 beautiful children who were/are best friends with my two children. That was a shock as well as D-Will's death. Life is precious and it can be taken away in a New York second.


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                        Father, mother, father- and mother-in-laws and a best friend. All to cancer. I was very fortunate in that I was able to say/do/make things right with each person. No regrets. This tragedy with Darrent should teach us never to leave with harsh words. It might be the last time you see that person.

                        I'm very sorry for all your losses.

                        wandlc, my heart especially goes out to you. With parents (although I lost my dad when he was 48), you know it will happen. You never expect to outlive your child. My prayers are with you.

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                          Don't feel like torturing myself by making a list, lets just say the ones who pass away ahead of time hurts the most.
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                            I've lost lots of friends and family but my best friends murder 2 years ago right before Christmas still affects me. He was left on his living floor shot 7 times for his two young daughters to come home to from school. Darrents death has greatly affected me also. I've lost friends to motorcycle accidents, car accidents, suicides, murder, cancer but the senseless taking of life by another person hurts the most. May God be with all who are grieving.


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                              With the attempt not to sound religious, I'd like to offer my thoughts. I've also lost many close family, friends, pets, etc. I've found thru my everyday contact with my higher power, they still live thru me. When I have a conflict, I ask for strength. When I have a problem, I ask for guidance. Earthly body form many to gone, but spirit will live forever.

                              Sorry if it sounds like I'm preaching..