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Whats The Worst loss you have ever had to someone u cared for??

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    Originally posted by cspeier
    With the attempt not to sound religious, I'd like to offer my thoughts. I've also lost many close family, friends, pets, etc. I've found thru my everyday contact with my higher power, they still live thru me. When I have a conflict, I ask for strength. When I have a problem, I ask for guidance. Earthly body form many to gone, but spirit will live forever.

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm preaching..
    Whatever brings you comfort I guess is a good thing, I'm in the other camp believing religion does more harm than good. But I guess if people and the powers that be would only use it the way it was intended there is no harm in it at all.
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      The closest person to me that has died was my great grandfather in 1996. I've had losses since then and previous, but none has ever hit me like his did. We were close, more than just close, he was, in all honesty, my best friend. He was in real bad shape the last year of his life, he died over Memorial Day weekend. Most of the family didn't feel up to going to the cemetary to lay flowers on our deceased loved ones, so my sister and I went. When we got back, he was gone. Neither of us felt we got to say the proper goodbye, even though I know he knew we were there. It is something that has stuck with me. I still see reminders of him everyday. He used to smoke a pipe when I was younger. I have never been around it since. The other day I walked in somewhere with a strong scent of pipe tobacco. It brought me to tears. Death, for me, is so hard to deal with and something I don't ever get over. I deal with it, but I don't get over it.
      Last night I was watching the news, and they had a tribute for DWill and what kept striking me was that in evey photo he had that smile on his face. I never thought I would cry over this, but last night going through that tribute, I cried. I cried over such a life lost. I cried for his children, just imagining what they must be going through. It felt good to let the last couple of days go and let the emotions go.

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        My mom passed away two Novembers ago a week after we got back from Denver
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          I've had a few tragic losses.

          The first is when my cousin, who had cerebral palsy, died at 19. I was only infirst grade, but I can still remember how I didn't understand her when she was alive. just a few months after she died, I realized who she was and I began to just feel devastated about the whole thing. I remember sitting in my backyard when I was little, picking violets, dedicating them to her, and burying them in the ground.

          Then, maybe three years ago, My cousin killed himself. He was seventeen. I just couldn't imagine how his mother felt, she found him dead in the woods behind their house with a gun in his hands. Then maybe a week after that, my ex babysitter and friend, my grandparents live next to her family, and we are generally close, contracted meningitis and died within six hours. She was 23. Her mother is on the news every once and a while begging people to get meningitis shots. She was just such a nice person and I miss her.

          RIP D-Will and Nash


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            My Grandmother passed away during the Blizzard a few years ago. They had to dig a path in front of the Ambulance to get to her house.

            We had some tough years where we didn't get along right before she passed away and were just starting to work things out. When I went to the viewing, I had the toughest time of anyone looking at her. I realized then that I would never get the time back I lost by fueding with her and my Grandfather. I used to do everything with them. The only thing I can hope for is that she knows how much I loved her and never meant to hurt her....which my other family members have told me she did!!

            We went to Ocean City Maryland (Her favorite place on earth) to spread her ashes in the Ocean. It was during a Hurricane (well the Hurricane was 1000 or so miles off the coast) and locals were saying they hadn't seen waves that high in a long time. Well we were all going to get a bit of ashes to throw in the ocean off a boat, but with the water conditions we decided against it. I was upset at this because I wanted to keep a little bit of ashes for myself, so that I gcould always have a piece of her with me. So my dad got to take the bag and swim into the ocean and let her go. Afterward he came to me and gave me a small baggie with a small amount of my Grandmothers ashes in it. It was the nicest thing my dad has ever done for me.

            Anyway, I'm all choked up now, so....



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              Originally posted by JayCutler4MVP!!!
              ive Never lost a family member or anyone close!

              so this D-will loss is the closest person to me that has died!

              ive never felt this bad in my life actually!
              i just feel horrible lately and its hard to function!

              he was Truly a part of my life!

              whats the worst losses u guys have had??
              four years ago I was diagnosed with non hotchkins lymphoma i have been thru chemo more times then I can remember , I also had a bone marrow transplant as well , at one point my doctor did not think I was going to make it , so I know never ever take life for granted, every day I wake up i am happy to be here the only thing that kept me strong is my faith my family and the denver broncos those three things mean every thing to me , when I woke up on monday my phone was ringing I could not belive it and I still can't iam still shocked and heartbroken

              rip darrent
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                Lost all four grandparents, several dear family friends and most recently in November, a friend's husband killed on his motorcycle, leaving a brand new baby and 2 year old.
                God Bless.


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                  My nephew committed suicide two years ago. He had bipolar disorder (as does my ex-husband.) It hurt because he was always my favorite of my nieces and nephews and I thought he had such a bright future. He was only 22 (I was 28.)

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                    Unfortunately it seems death has long been a part of my life. I lost my grandpa to leukemia when I was only three years old. I've had several other relatives die purely of old age. Then my great grandma died of a brain tumor...that one was hard to watch. And my first dog died of a brain tumor too...that was especially hard to take because I am studying to be a veterinarian and I really really love animals and watching her suffer was a heart breaker. My cat also died a couple years after that and it was hard because he'd been around for as long as I could remember, we got him when I was year old.

                    A few years ago, we lost an uncle to alcoholism. Then a year after that I lost a friend in Iraq. So it would seem that death is never too far away in my life sadly. It's hard and I'm telling you right now, you never fully get over it. Sometimes you'll just have a memory of the person, even a happy memory and you just break up. It gets easier over time, but I think some pain always lingers.
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