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9 news reports: suspect "Brian Hicks" CO license plate 665-OBS

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    Originally posted by jimmyray34
    ... I don't think the $2,000 reward CrimeStoppers is offering will do it. Two grand - that's it?!?!
    me either....i would pay 2,000 dollars with no question jus to have him back alive....

    I think that the guy that shot him should get the saddam treatment.


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      Originally posted by richardthebronco
      i agree WHY THE HELL WAS THIS A-HOLE BACK ON THE STREETS!!!!!!the current legal system does not serve the people, there are too many in the judicial system and and the goverment WHO NEVER MET A CRIMINAL THEY DID NOT FEEL SORRY FOR !!!!! i hope they convict this bastard and lets see him hanging from the END OF A ROPE !!!!!!!
      If you're talking about this Brian Hicks guy, then he's still in jail. He was in jail before this all happened. They were just mentioning that the vehicle involved in the killing of Darrent Williams, was registered to him. He's not roaming the streets on a killing rampage, but his thug friends sure are.
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        Originally posted by indyqb88
        let me caution everyone here for one second before you literally start trying to become licensed and trained officers you need to think about whom we are probably dealing with here. If it is true that this is all about rival gangs and their disdain for one another, heed my words here STAY AWAY!!!! STAY AWAY!!!! You don't even want to be involved in this mess. These men especially anyone having to do with the Crips from L.A. you want to run as far away from as possible. They have no respect or regard for anyone that poses a threat or challenge to them or their Organization!!!! Frankly I'm shocked that some of these witnesses names have been released because this will you mark my word put all of them in grave danger and imminent at that. My only hope is that all of their material witnesses and eyewitnesses have high police presence and protection right now because they are going to need it. I don't think any of you fully recognize the volatile and dangerous nature of the gravity with which these types of people manifest and if pushed or surprised will without a seconds thought put 3 caps in all of us. I want the killers caught too but now I'm afraid others are going to start disappearing as well. I have had gang friends for which I no longer associate with but man let me tell you they spare no prisoners and I just hope and pray these witnesses and everyone involved in this ongoing investigation are protected and no more lives will be taken but rather preserved. People get ready because this will need to be a timely, methodical, and well thought out plan if we are going to have success at catching these senseless, merciless mercenaries with no regard for human life. Everyone please be careful!!!!
        I read that Brian Hicks is a blood....

        RIP D-Will and Nash


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          Let's just catch this prick and show him the hard side of the law.

          We have a lead, let's act on it, and see where it leads us.

          Justice will be served one way or another.

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            I say we hang the bastard that shot Darrent and the guy who sold him the gun( I have no doubt that it's illegal) from the Goal Posts at Invesco.We charge 20 bucks a head and all the proceeds go into a trust fund for Darrents children.

            Gun violence has got to stop!
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              Hey guys?

              We all understand the feelings everyone is going thru. We all feel the same way.

              However, Broncomania is not the place to discuss retribution. Posts discussing revenge, especially on people who havent been convicted of anything, are not the kind of discussions they opened this forum for.

              The promotion of further violence, not to different than what we are all discussing, isnt encouraged or even allowed here. The Code of Conduct still applies in this forum, even though we have let you all express yourselves a bit more freely than we might normally in the other forums.

              This forum was opened so people can grieve, not form lynch mobs.

              Again, we understand the need to vent, and to grieve, but lets all try to contain ourselves, and show everyone out there the true meaning of being Bronco fans.


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                i'm totally with you it is not any of our jobs to convict here nor to administer the punishment that might be applicable subject to what might have happened or was planned. I know everyone is all upset here but this is what got Darrent, in trouble to begin with, because some people aren't secure enough to turn the other cheek rather they open about 4 clips in a man to prove their superiority. The whole concept is wrong and I implore all of you to think about truly what Darrent, would want or how he would handle this type of thing himself. God Bless You Darrent!!!!