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  • Mile High Tragedy

    I'm a big Broncos Fan and was always impressed with DWill. Actually, I was skeptical about his size when he was drafted but became an instant fan of his work ethic and how he made himself known on the field from day one of his rookie training camp. He just looked like a fun guy to know - I wish I did. Talk about a promising future. I hope justice prevails and these punks pay for their actions! Step UP if you know anything...

    My coldolences and prayers go out to his Family & Friends, the Broncos Orginization and the Fans.

    It's been nice to see all the comments and well wishers from around the globe - he deserves all of them.

    If # 27 isn't retired - at least have a 27 patch somewhere on the Ring of Fame - we'll know who it's for.

    God bless - '07 can only get better from here, it can't possibly get any worse...


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    Thanks for your kind thoughts. I know the Broncos organization will have a classy and wonderful way to remember D-will forever. You heard Shanahan say yesterday that he will make sure that Darrent's dreams don't die.