Stop The Violence Use Your Talents © is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation created to expose our talents and bring awareness of the violence in our communities. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our youth through education and awareness with positive options, by facilitating connections between children and celebrity mentors. It's our goal to bring awareness to inner city violence that has plagued our youth.
It is our mission to bring awareness of Domestic Violence and the connection; children represent the hopes of our future. With the constant rise of crime and murder in the community it is important to educate. Stop The Violence Use Your Talents © will promote education and the use of talents instead of violence which will enable and empower our youth to be productive. Stop The Violence Use Your Talents already has a worldwide network of people working to bring a positive message, and solution to life. Starting from its home office in Jacksonville, Florida to its west coast office in Portland, Organ to Canada, Jamaica, Dubia, Kenya, and Europe.
In 2006 founder Gernado Abrams produced a Stop The Violence Use Your Talents Documentary entitled Duval Victim Documentary – DVD, he later started a Stop The Violence Use Your Talents Television Show (STV-TV) airing on Comcast Cable Channel 7 every Wednesday @ 8:30pm & Saturdays @ 10:30am and 10:30pm on Channel 29 in Jacksonville, Florida. Which was the second step in the outreach of this campaign. Bringing awareness to the inner city violence Duval County has experienced. Duval is the murder capitol of Florida. GERNADO is also an artist / producer / songwriter mogul in the making. His song the single "Stop The Violence" penned these words "Stop The Violence Use Your Talents" birthing this movement to Be Useful Never Give In (Bungi). Stop The Violence evolved into a locally supported event showcasing local talents in a festival type atmosphere.
Stop The Violence Use Your Talents © is about planting seeds. When you plant seeds you need to water them and give them light.
The "SEED": Stop The Violence Use Your Talents © TV
The "LIGHT": The ARTISTS & You (mentors)
We are in pre-production and developing a Stop The Violence Use Your Talents Tour 2007 in real-time along side a compilation CD series. As part of the mentoring tour we will hand out the compilation CD along with other collateral material.

Darrent Williams is TALENT. We will bring LIGHT to his murder. Please respect Darrents life and help us spread the use of youth useing his or her TALENTS instead of doing Violence.

Stop The Violence Use Your Talents,