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I cried twice today!!!

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    I create D-Will on NFL Street 2 a while back, and when I was playing a little while ago, he picked off a pass, juked and broke 8 tackles all the way to the endzone. I was sad because I was thinking of Darrent, but I knew that with his always optimistic and energetic attitude, he wouldn't have wanted me to turn it off or cry, so I continued playing. It's tough, but he have to be strong through this.
    Me, my friend, and Rod Smith
    Myspace? Who uses that? Now happily accepting friend requests.

    Thanks, tnedator!
    We'll miss you more than you could ever know, Darrent and Damien. We already do. R.I.P., D-Will and Damien Nash. :'(


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      you aren't alone. i cried all day on monday and on and off ever since. i just think about darrent and i cry. this is going to take time for all of us fans.


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        I was thinking about something today.....

        We keep hearing that Darrent Williams was shot, but when I heard Shanahan say Darrent was murdered that hit hard. I lost it again when I heard that.