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Everyone can read...always remember Darrent Williams

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  • Everyone can read...always remember Darrent Williams

    My dad and i have always been fans of the Denver dad is from there and its just so sad about D. Wiliams. I have always love the broncos and remember as a little kid watching John Elway play and my dad screaming at the was always fun to watch them play but as i got older i figured it wasn't that big of a deal to watch them. As of a couple years ago when they first drafted Darrent Williams to the team that all changed. I started watching all the games and if i missed one i would record it and watch it over and over just see how well he was improving. Williams changed the way i watched football and the way i felt about the game. He made it more intresting to me because he was the best player i have seen since elway and Terrell Davis. I would watch his tv interviews and what he would say about the game and his teammates. When he played it just seemed like even if they lost it wouldn't matter because he would never give up and never let his teammates either. I didn't know him very well but or even know him personally but i did know him as a player and to me he will always be remembered in my family and my kids as well. Darrent Williams was a great player and person, i give his family and friends and teammates the best through these hard times. I wish them the best and hope they will be able to get through this tragedy. And to let his family and friends know, that no matter what he will never be forgotten.
    Always with love and hope for his family...
    Kayla Leonard