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Police may have found Tahoe involved in shooting. (Merged)

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  • Police may have found Tahoe involved in shooting. (Merged)

    If it is the Tahoe, then we are dealing with complete and utter morons.

    They paint it but they don't take the plates?

    Stay in school dummies!

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    I hope they have the right people.

    Most of the time criminals aren't very bright anyways. Sooner or later they will tell a pal or a girlfriend and it will come out on the streets, then make its way to law enforcement.

    This murderer or these murderers have no respect for human life. May they rott in jail forever or whatever the punishment above life in prison that may be set.
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      If this is the vehicle, it will be fingerprinted.

      And those fingerprints may lead to the men that did this.


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        The vehicle was found abandoned in a Ranch. I dont really understand why they tried to paint it black and did such a bad job.

        Hopefully they find the people that were driving it.


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          I realize these thugs probably are not the brightest, but this just seems to easy. Makes me wonder if it's a decoy of the one used in the shooting. Knowing the police will run fingerprints, to throw them off the trail. I'm so afraid these guys are gonna get away with cold blooded murder. I pray every night for justice.


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            I just hope there's prints or something else that leads them to the killer.

            That being said, it's comical how stupid some people are.
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              In that link I posted It says something about the tahoe being burned inside and out...not painted...?


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                Did they at least spray paint the plates? They must not have had a screwdriver - or enough people to use one.


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                  Not the brightest fellas we are dealing with here eh? Leave the plates on it, paint it black except for the roof. I don't think this is a decoy vehicle but painting it black did buy them some time.

                  All and all this is good news. They have a trail and place to start now. Justice will prevail.
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                    They found it on a street in Green Valley Ranch (a neighborhood near the airport). I saw it on the news this morning as the traffic helicopter was following it back to the police impound lot. The top was still white and the attempted paint job was horrible. Looks like the idiots used spray paint. It didn't look burned at all and when they interviewed a police spokesman he said he couldn't confirm that it was burned. The windows had the super dark illegal tint and it even looked like the windshield was even tinted.

                    It seems they are getting closer and closer to catching these THUGS!


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                      suspect car found

                      this just posted on fox news.
                      Cops Find Car Believed Used in Denver Broncos Slaying
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                        They tried to paint it apparently. Crazy...
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                          Shouldn't be long now. Unless these guys are in Mexico, they're going to get caught. They aren't very bright. I don't think they knew who they were shooting at but they know an entire region of the country wants to see them swing from a tree now. That's gotta give you class A paranoia.


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                            The story gets more twisted after that. Its unbelievable.
                            Rest in Peace, Darrent and Damien. You will be forever in our thoughts


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                              I just saw it on our local news....if that is the same vehicle then that is messed up...someone better be shaking in their boots now!
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