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  • I Need Help!!!

    I spent many hours making a tribute video of d-will but im having problems uploading it on youtube....

    i didn't make it into a video yet where as u double click and the video comes on...i did it on windows movie maker and i have click play in order for the video to play....

    come someone please help me with this, it would be a shame for me not to express this video with the world

    and if u do help me, can u be speciafic and use easy words becuase im not exacly a computer wizard


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    Not familiar with Windows Movie Maker, but you are going to have to save the project as a video file, for example: DarrentWilliamsTribute.wmv -- save it to a folder or the desktop. Once you've done that, open your YouTube account and click the link to upload a video. Fill in the necessary information: Title, description, etc. Click the button for the next step, Find the video file (DarrentWilliamsTribute.wmv) in the folder or desktop, select it and click the appropriate button which allows the video to upload. Wait a few minutes (depends on how long the video is and your connection).


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      ok i think the problem is...

      how do i save it as a video




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        Well, I use a Mac… and in iMovie, whenever I’m done with editing a video project, I select Export and Export to Quicktime. From there, iMovie creates the video file and saves it to either a folder or my desktop, whichever I choose…

        For you, since you’re working with Windows, it’s going to be a tad different.

        You’re finished editing your project correct?

        If so, select File, Save As.

        The Save As box will pop up and it’ll ask you where you want to save it to. A popular choice would be on the Desktop.

        In the Save As box, you will see on the bottom, File Name and a text box. Here you want to type in the name you want the file to be titled, example: Darrent Williams Video

        Below File Name there is a Save as Type section with a drop down arrow. Since you are using Windows, I assume saving the project as a .wmv video file would be the sensible choice. Select the arrow and look for: Windows Media Video (.wmv) or something that says .wmv and once selected, go ahead and click Save.

        Now, I’m not sure since I don’t use Windows or Windows Movie Maker, but after you click Save, there could be a progress bar that pops up, creating the video file. It may take some time depending how fast your computer is or how big the video is.

        Once completed it should say so. Then go and find it in the folder you saved it in or just go to the Desktop if you saved it to the Desktop. It will be in a Windows Media Player icon form with the title (example): Darrent Williams Video

        *I’m not sure if this is correct as I haven’t used Windows in a while… Hopefully it works! Good luck.


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          here's how it works

          All you have to do is save your project as a movie file. Under "File" select "Save Movie File". The next screen will give you some different options, but you're going to want to save the file directly to your computer because it gives you more formating options. After you select where you want the file to be located, the next screen give you format options. Click the "Other Settings" button. If you do not see it, you first need to click "show more choices". In the dropdown menu, select "Video for LAN 1.0 Mbps". That should work for you.