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The way i'll remember Darrent

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  • The way i'll remember Darrent

    this is the way i'll remember dwill at least when it comes to his on the field play

    he stood out to me during that game not just for the pick but him and LT giving each other props in the endzone

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    yeah that was great, i cant belive we lost that game.


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      I believe the single moment I will remember the most was when he intercepted Carson Palmer in the endzone and Wilson motioned to him to take a knee, and when he gets up, Wilson smacks DWill's helmet while Darrent shakes his head in the way as if saying "Not In My House You Don't!"

      R.I.P. 27, We Will All Miss You!


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        I remember that and I remember a game last year where he had two interceptions. The next day, I still didn't have his name completely down and I was talking to my mom about the game....I said "I think his name was Darren Williams." She said "No, for some reason I remember this one....It's Darrent Williams." (She doesn't usually remember the player names.)

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