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Thought this was pretty astonishing

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  • Thought this was pretty astonishing

    This is from a local newspaper in Texas. When I read these I wondered who all the negative people I have heard and watched concerning Darrent were talking about. If he was such a bad person as I know everyone has heard and been told, why would he be getting such attention. It is natural for us as Bronco fans to be deeply saddened, but this is proof that it goes much deeper. If he was not the person that I know he was, it would not be as devasting for me personally as it is. I have tried to comprehend why I am so heartbroken about it, and I am starting to understand why. You didnt have to know Darrent to know him. You could look as his face, watch him in games, see him in interviews, listen to him, and know who he was without ever physically spending time with him. It has been 4 days since his tragic and senseless death, and yet thousands still mourn him. Just that fact alone should show that his life was indeed a bright star in a world of evil.
    To all that support and loved him as a person and player, you are not alone. Thousands of people like you, worldwide, sports fan or not, mourn with you.
    For those that continue to think he was a thug, gangster, or just a typical athlete, maybe you should do a little research before you make such a hasty stereotypical statement. I know that I can not change the minds of people, but I dont need to. The proof is right there and will back up what we are saying.
    DWill, you made football, the Broncos, and the entire state of Colorado a better place. Your life, although short, will forever be in the minds of your fans. I can think of no better tribute than that.
    "I don't think it's 'Tebow Time'; I just think it's 'Bronco Time"
    Tim Tebow