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Wooden football card plaque for my D.W. card

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  • Wooden football card plaque for my D.W. card

    Probably not the best place to be asking just because this forum is a tribute to Darrent Williams (may he rest in peace), but does anyone know where I can buy a wooden plaque for one football card? I would like to buy one for my one Darrent Williams football card I was able to obtain during his career. I've seen them being sold with a players name and specific football card, but I would like to find a plain one I could put my card into and put it on the wall next to the rest of my Broncos memorabilia. Any ideas?

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    I got a Rod Smith one of those at a grocery store. I know what you mean.

    My best suggestion would be to try a card shop. If they dont have them, you cold at least get one of those clear plastic holders, and take that to a frame store and have them make it.

    However, I am pretty sure there are add's for all sorts of stuff like this in Tuff Stuff Magazine. That's a card mag. It's full of ads for storage stuff.

    Lemme find one and see if I can find a link.....


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      Where are you located Katie?