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  • R.i.p

    I Want To Send My Condolences To Mr. Williams Family And Friends During This Tragic Time. I Don't Know The Specifics In This Case, But I Just Wanna Say That We As A People Need To Educate Ourselves, And Stop Killing Ourselves For No Reason. We Need To Love Each Other, And Look Out For Each Other. Don't Hate On The Next Man B/c He May Be Sucessful, Congradulate Him, And Then Set Goals For Yourself. Use Those Who Maybe More Fortunate Now As Motivation To Get Where You Want To Be. On The Other Hand, Those Who Are Blessed Now, Need To Reach Out A Helping Hand For Those Who May Not Be As Well Off As Them, As Mr. Williams Was doing. If You Hate On Your Own People, Then You Are Hating Yourself, And We As Black People Have Enough Hate To Deal With. R.i.p Mr. Williams, You Are an angel Playing For God's Team Now!!!