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    I am a Denver native; I have lived here 43 years and part of being a Denver native is to be a part of the Denver Broncos football team ; We the fans stick with this team through thick & thin & right now in tragedy!
    I'd like to tell each & every member of this remarkable team of professionals that we the fans are thinking of you & are always with you on & off the playing feild and our deepest sympathy is with you now!

    To The Williams Family;
    I want to say Thank You for allowing & supporting him in his dreams to play; that brought him to our wonderful city. And althought tragedy has struck here and impacted you "The Family" the most ; please know that we are not a violent place that the majority of citizens that call this place home are quite wonderful people.
    And we know that justice will be served for Darrent & You ; "The Family"
    Please also know that we cherished him as we do all the players of this team & that he will be so greatly missed in death as he was appreciated in life!!

    To Darrent ;
    God gave you to us for a very brief but most worthwhile time;
    You gave back to a sometimes harsh & cruel world ;
    A belief that it could be a more kind & loving place;
    You believed not only in yourself but the value of others;
    And this was so obvious by the smile on your face;
    You were cherished by a team and admired by others;
    And adored by a City of fans who did not know you personally;
    but felt you were "one of their own";
    And most importantly you were cherished; loved ; and adored by a Family who will miss you most of all!

    God has given you wings to fly in Heaven just as he gave you legs to fly as you did here on earth!
    Goodbye D. Will
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