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I Attended the Servie Today...

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    Just to be clear, Bowlen didn't say we'll win SB 42, he was quoting Darrent's beautiful mom. She told him to go win for Darrent. Small detail.

    I had never been to a funeral, and it was quite a feeling to be a part of it. It was uplifting, but sad... Joyous but heartbreaking. Bravo to Darrent's mom for being so strong and receptive.

    You could tell Shanny is really hurting. I've never seen him speak with that much excitement(compare to his usual demeanor). A sure sign of an individual coping with sadness.

    God Bless Darrent's family. A huge , tragic loss.

    I started doing sigs. Anyone want one, just ask, I'm more than happy to help out.


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      Im watching Tatum.... It made me cry.


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        where you with your brother and mom or something?
        Yep. And yeh, we parked over in the other church.
        That's where we got stuck in the mud for an hour. Although thankfully we and another truck got stuck so badly that (hopefully) no one else came by that way...because the torn up ground was really blatant...
        Darrent Williams Tribute Video


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          thanks for respresenting alll of us down there

          I really appreciate it and wish i could have been there but I live in PA and i just couldnt get there

          RIP DARRENT

          RIP Darrent It's been one year, Gone but never Forgotten.

          I Adopted JayCutler4MVP!!! and DJ Williams