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  • To Javon Walker

    The Darrent Williams murder is a horrible tragedy. Being that close, it has to be tough on you as well. Hang in there, our prayers are also with you.

    God Bless

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    Javon - this has to be very hard on you. My hope is that you will turn to God for strength and comfort. That is what D-Will would want you to do.


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      Please believe that none of this is your fault. God had a special reason for wanting D. Will beside Him in heaven. It would have happened no matter what. Keep him in your heart forever and honor his name by finding the strength to recover from your pain.

      I lay my "whys" before your Cross, in worship kneeling, mind to numb for thought, heart beyond all feeling. And worshipping, realize that I, knowing you, don't need a "why". Ruth Graham


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        To Javon Walker

        To Javon:

        I don't know if you will ever read these thoughts posted here. But, hopefully somehow you will come to know that you are in our prayers and thoughts. The fans, the community, the Bronco organization wrap their arms around you in this time of tragedy. I can't imagine the horror of that night. No one can that has not lived through it. But, we can send you our love and prayers to comfort you during this time. And know this, you are in our thoughts!!

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          Seeing this thread posted, I went out in search of Javon's personal website, so that you all can possibly get a message to him fom his contact page. Found it and it's located here:

          Hopefully he has been reading fan mail for support lately and will get your message in due time! I'm sure these words that everyone has expressed here, would help him dearly.
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            Thanks....I emailed what I wrote (changed it a little bit, though.)

            I lay my "whys" before your Cross, in worship kneeling, mind to numb for thought, heart beyond all feeling. And worshipping, realize that I, knowing you, don't need a "why". Ruth Graham
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              Praying for you and the whole team Javon.

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                Hang in there Javon. Thoughts and prayers going out to you as well, from the Poconos. You have a lot of fans here who care about you at this horrible time and please stay strong too.

                In Loving Memory of Darrent Williams ~~ 1982 -- 2007

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                  javon,im so sorry for what family will keep you in our prayers.i know you are not happy with the green bay packers and i dont blame you,and i will always be a #84 javon walker fan.and if you do get this message i would like to thank you for the 2 milwaukee brewer tickets you gave me your rookie are by all means a great heart goes out to you and i know you are very strong and will heal from this.please remeber that d-will shall always be with take care and cant wait till you get all those td,s next season for #27 thank you javon from your fans the deblare's


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                    As a life long Bronco fan let me first thank you for all you have done to enrich the lives of Bronco Nation. It was an absolute pleasure watching you work your magic throughout this season, and I hope to see you in the orange and blue until such a time that you decide to retire.

                    Being an Active Duty Marine I know the pain that you feel at this moment. It sometimes seems as though on our darkest days the storm clouds only gather more. The tragedy that unfolded on New Years day has struck a nerve deep in the core of Bronco fans everywhere, but that doesn't even begin to touch where it struck you.

                    I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind more than once, "Why was it D and not me?"

                    There is no answer to that question. Fate, luck, timing, or as many would say, God.

                    While DWill is no longer with us we are blessed that you, and everyone else in that limousine, still is.

                    I know very well there is nothing I can say that will comfort you. There is nothing anyone can say that will comfort you. You must find that in yourself. One thing I do know, you have the strength to persevere, just as DWill did.

                    Again, thank you for all that you do. Please take care.

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                      I hope Javon has a loving family he can turn to in his time of need. I know the Broncos will do everything they can to help him through this.

                      I have been praying for you Javon.


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                        Dear Javon,

                        I'm also a life long Bronco fan, and have felt the saddness of the loss of D-Will, not only as a Bronco but as wonderful person; but I'm also very concerned for you. I cannot imagine what you are going through, I can only express my heartfelt sympathy for you and the rest of your teammates and the Williams family. Please know that we are here for you, and our prayers are with you too. May God bless.

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                          My thoughts and prayers are with you as you are in this struggling time and I hope you find something to bleive in to overcome your sorrow God wanted to have Darrent and he got a great man in him and i hope you can see it that way and help your pain dissolve somewhat you are in my prayers.
                          R.I.P. Darrent Williams(1982-2007) you will be missed

                          I started praying every day at my home, and even though I wasn't going to church all the time, I started believing more, and I think that's what stopped me from going down the wrong road. qouted by Darrent Williams


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                            Javon be sure, we all stand behind you !!
                            I wish, I could take your pain

                            Hopelessly devoted to the Prankster


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                              Hoping Javon will read this

                              I have followed you since green bay, my favorite football team. You are a phenominal athlete, and person. I was deaply troubled for you to find out that you were so close to the shooting, and i read that Williams passed in your arms. I thank God that you also were not involved directly in the shooting. While my grievances are with the families, they are just as much with you. My church(all the way out in Warren Pennsylvania) will be praying for you, the entire bronco's organisation, and the entire family.
                              There is no merical advice anyone can give you to make this feel better. Tragedies take time to heal. Please take all the time you need to get over this, because hurrying the process is dangerous. It leads to emotional breakdowns, and you dont need that.
                              When my best friends father passed when she was 12, she tried to keep going on with her life, and didn't take the time she should have to grieve. About 2 months later she made an attempt on her life. I thank God she is still with me today. I never want to see it get that bad for you. Please take your time. Spend time with your family, and even Darrents family. Someday, you will be able to tell his kids stories of how great a man Darrent was. And how good will that be?

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