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    Originally posted by specialblend154
    they didnt mention anything about darrent williams. the whole show was about this guy who had a bomb attached to him and he had to perform a "scavenger hunt" in order to find the key to remove the bomb from his body. it was like something from SAW the movie. very weird.
    The pizza delivery guy who had a bomb strapped to his neck? Reading about the story and seeing (pictures of) all the parts was crazy.

    AMW airs in < 30 minutes for me... so hopefully I won't forget to catch what they have on Darrent, if anything.
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      It was on about 15 minutes into the show.


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        Originally posted by ThunderGirl
        It was on about 15 minutes into the show.
        yeah I caught the very end of it, it couldn't have been too long though because I had just stopped the recording to switch it to the other tv and that only takes a couple seconds.

        and yeah that collar bomber story is weird and creepy