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Cowboys Terence Newman has #27 on his helmet.

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    Originally posted by sbutk
    If they do, so what? What's a fine like that to a multi-millionaire ...seriously? Shocking as it may sound, some people in this world actually do place their principles above their wallets.

    how about you understand what she's talking about before you attack her? the reason people don't want newman fined is not because they are concerned about his finances. it's the principal of the matter. they don't want him punished for doing something good


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      Originally posted by DrunkPanda
      how about you understand what she's talking about before you attack her? the reason people don't want newman fined is not because they are concerned about his finances. it's the principal of the matter. they don't want him punished for doing something good

      Um, you read me wrong, friend. By no means am I attacking Thunder with my post. I'm jumping on the bandwagon and saying that he has the right rationale in honoring his friend and not being so worried about the potential hit to his wallet (which is trivial for a person that makes as much as a professional athlete does). ...And by no means was I implying people on these boards or in this thread, either, when I said many of the people in this world have lost sight of their principles.

      ...That's all I'm saying. I hope everything's clear now.

      They're your teammates, now.
      Best of luck, TT!
      ...Always a class act - in any uniform.

      sbutk: i can see why Denver is taking TO's right now [trailing by 7, with 30 seconds left in the half]. but why Oakland???

      Captain Lori: You are trying to figure out the Raiders. Try figuring out women instead; it's probably much easier.


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        Originally posted by // / yardo
        Here it is. This is after the INT and they were sitting on the bench. That's Newmans helmet but he's sitting out of frame.

        This is the decal on Roy Williams pads but I can't tell what it is.

        I was doing some research on the internet and I came across this article of what that decal is suppose to be take a look by going here.

        Maybe Romo Should’ve Worn One Too

        If you’ve ever flown into or out of Dallas/Ft. Worth, you’ve probably experienced that oh-so-wonderful moment when the pilot informs you that you can see Texas Stadium if you look out the window. “As you can see, it has a hole in the roof,” the pilot will say. “That’s so God can watch his favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys.”

        The Cowboys have always played the God card, from Tom Landry’s “personal relationship with God” to the term “Hail Mary pass” (which got its start with a game-winning Roger Staubach desperation heave). But Roy Williams took things a bit further in Saturday’s game against the Seahawks, when he intercepted a pass and then pulled down his jersey to reveal a sticker on his shoulder pads (here’s a larger view).

        I didn’t know what was shown on the sticker, but reader Ed from Dallas did. In Saturday’s Comments section, he wrote, “That’s the logo for his church here in Dallas: Inspirational Body of Christ. It’s a HUGE church right down the street from my house.” Actually, it turns out that the church is called Inspiring Body of Christ, and sure enough, their logo is what appeared on Williams’s pads. (The church’s full web site is here.)

        Williams is hardly the first athlete to showcase his religious affiliation on his uniform, of course. Brady Quinn draws an ichthys around the Adidas logo on his play-calling wristband, and little cross pins have sometimes found their way onto baseball caps (more on that phenomenon here), among lots of other examples. But Williams is the first player I can think of who’s promoted a specific church.

        Interestingly, the holy pigskin pendulum appears to have been swinging away from the Cowboys lately. Their bizarre last-second loss to the Redskins last November is already being referred to as the “Hand of God” game, and Saturday’s field goal blunder was as clear a case of divine intervention as you’ll ever see. Maybe God has a new favorite team. Or maybe Roy Williams should think about trying a different church.

        (Big thanks to John Okray and Michael Rich, who both submitted Roy Williams screen shots.)

        Uni Watch News Ticker: Friday’s mention of this Braves pennant led to a communiqué from Craig Bates, who’s in the process of selling some of his father’s old pennants. Pretty cool stuff with lots of old uni and logo details, as you can see in this gallery. He promises more photos as he goes through the collection. … Faaaaaascinating note from Joe Wagner, who writes: “I was at the University of Iowa women’s basketball game on 12/31/06 and the halftime show was ‘Granny Basketball.’ It’s a league for women over 50 and they play using rules from the 1920s. This means they play six-on-six (which used to be the norm for girls’ high school basketball in Iowa until the 1990s). In six-on-six, you play offense or defense and you can’t cross half-court. Anyway, what really struck me were the uniforms. They all had some outrageous stripeage on their socks. Most wore neon-colored socks with black stripes. And there were a mix of colors on each team. Very tacky. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me.” I’ve asked the league’s director for some better photos — stay tuned. … Does this qualify as animal cruelty? (As spotted by Jeremy Brahm.) … Richard Bruns spotted something you don’t see very often (if ever): a square-collared basketball jersey. … Charles Eldridge won a local “Why are you a great Mighty Ducks fan in 30 words or less” contest by submitting a trio of haikus, oen of which went like so: ” Proudly wearing Jade / And Eggplant jersey to school, / Junior High was tough.” … Good article about NBA headbands here. … Leigh McArthur has turned up a weird one: Check out the Kumho Red Wings of the Korean women’s hoops league. If you want more (and can read Korean), the team’s web site is here. … Lots of readers wrote in to note that Nate Burleson of the Seahawks was wearing a purple and yellow mouthguard — presumably a holdover from his Vikings days — during Saturday’s game against Dallas. No pics, unfortunately. … You can buy a Jack Traschner jersey on Only problem is, the player’s name is actually Taschner (good catch by Kevin Cunningham).
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