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  • Darrent as a friend

    You know, hearing everything about Darrent today made me think about what a good friend he must have been. Actually, I have a friend who's quite a bit like what the Broncos described D. Will as...always a smile on his face, always the center of attention, always telling "true stories" (jokes), and when he was in high school at only 5'7" he played Defensive End (actually played against Chris Collinsworth in high school) and said he loved to get after the bigger players and stop them even though they were bigger than him. Even though they're heartbroken now, the Broncos (and all of his friends) were very lucky to get to know Darrent.

    I lay my "whys" before your Cross, in worship kneeling, mind to numb for thought, heart beyond all feeling. And worshipping, realize that I, knowing you, don't need a "why". Ruth Graham