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Is anyone else struggling with this?

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    The morning after

    So, I woke up this morning-eyes COMPLETELY red and swollen. I must have mentally exhausted myself, because I never made it off the couch last night. I finally had to make myself get off of this computer. I just couldn't take anymore at the time. Again, it was just overwhelming. To wake up to all of the comments shared by other fans like yourself is VERY helpful. Thanks! "ALL READY"


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      I guess you can call it struggling. I just can not stay away from this message board. You all are so awesome, from news updates these great bracelets and stickers. We absolutely do have the best fans I wish I could meet every one of you guys! Living in Cali I really rely on this board. Thanks for keeping D-Wills memories alive. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO PROUD TO BE A DENVER BRONCO FAN.
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        hey, at least you're on the right side of the country. I'm way over here in VA
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          I think most of us are struggling because it felt like we lost a family member.

          And I would say he is a family member.
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            Rest In Peace

            I Watched The Whole Service And When I Saw Tatum Crying And Struggling To Get Words Out It Made Me Cry!!! I Was Also Brought To To Tears When I Saw The Slide Show And Saw Pictures Of D. Will When He Was Little. That Smile Of His Will Never Leave My Mind. I Love To See People Who Love Life Like That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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              I hate that you guys are going through this right now. And to think D. Will is only ten years younger than I am (I turn 35 in March)...

              Stay strong Broncos fans and know that he's in a much better place right now.

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                I am definitely still struggling - obviously all local stations are still covering the murder, showing portions of the funeral, etc. When I see any of them showing highlights of D-Will, it hits me smack in the face that we will never see him play again. I know I have not absorbed all of it as yet.

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                  It is definately hard especailly at night it really hits me that we are all here supporting him but we will never see him play again and all the sadness Javon is going through and all the players is hard to take. Man i miss D-Will
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