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Anybody Else Feeling This Way??

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  • Anybody Else Feeling This Way??

    I feel like this has been one of the longest weeks ever! It seems to me that last Sunday is over a year away from today. I just can't believe that we here in Broncoland have had to spend our first week of this New Year dealing with this tragedy which has affected so many people. We never got to celebrate the innocence of a New Year but awoke to the horror of the loss of one of our own. I also, don't know D-Will personally but feel as if one of my own family members has been lost. The worst part of all of this is that I feel so helpless in letting the Bronco's and everyone involved know that we care and mourn with them. Do you think they come here and read our thoughts? Also, CBS did a nice job with their memorial (albeit short) to Darrent. Just some random thoughts from this Bronco fan on this Sunday.

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    Yes it has been a slow time.
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