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From France Fan to the best ==> Darrent

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  • Denver Ultra
    Salut, je suis français aussi, ce sont dans les moments comme ça que l'on se rend compte ce que c'est que d'être supporter et ce que notre équipe favorite représente dans notre coeur!
    That means: These are moments like that where you realize what is it to be a fan and what your favorite team means deep in your heart.
    That's it for the french lesson for tonight!

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  • orangeblossom94
    Je parle francais un peu mais tu parles anglais plus bon.

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  • Sharpe's Mouth
    excellent post.

    Never be afraid to try and communicate in a different language. I live in Asia and I know how intimidating it can be to try and speak or write another tongue.

    What you posted made perfect sense. The grammar wasn't perfect; but, the point is taken.

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  • FrenchFAN DW 27
    started a topic From France Fan to the best ==> Darrent

    From France Fan to the best ==> Darrent

    I'm a French fan of Broncos and too of Darrent Williams, i was destroy when i learn what happened on the first day of 2007.
    2006 finish bad and 2007 begin bad, i am so ...

    Each week end i follow the game, i have seen all game of Darrent, and i don't believe that i left us
    But i know Darrent listen to us and i would like that we will proud of him, and we are.

    This year my project was to come in the US for watch my favorite team and my favorite player, i would come during the playoff because i think this year we playing the playoff, today i am here and i don't came in Denver, i could never see playing my best players, it's to hard for me... i think i have lost a big thing in my life et and i'll remember all time of my Darrent

    Darrent if you read this, i wanna say you that you are and you'll stay for me the Best CB in NFL, you'll stay too my favorite players
    I will fight in your honor and for remembering of you

    In memory of Darrent

    ps: i hope my english is not bad.