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Hang in there, Javon.

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  • Hang in there, Javon.

    Words can't express how you must feel.

    I can only imagine, and even then it's terribly scary, something of this sort happening. I don't think I could handle anything of the sort if it were to happen to me.

    Losing a friend, a teammate, and someone you loved and respected must be absolutely terrible -- especially in the manner that it happened.

    I know, according to Mike Shan., that you, or at one point anyway, were going through the 'survivors guilt' stage of grieving. I just want you to know that everyone on these forums are thinking of you.

    God needed another angel, and I can't think of anyone who would do a better job than Darrent would.

    Whatever you decide to do with your football career is totally fine with me. You will have my respect regardless of which road you take.

    You're a very tough, and brave man, Javon.

    Our thoughts and prayers are just as much with you.

    Thank you Skywalker for the Marshall sig!

    Thank you Damien and Darrent for the memories. You will never be forgotten!

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    hang in there man everyone is with u and always will be even in ur heart darrent is to


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      I wonder if he will ever recover from this? Do you think he may want to get away from football for awhile(like take a year or two off)? I could certainly understand if he did.

      Here's a photograph of Javon at Denver's headquarters with the bloody shirt on. Poor guy.
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        This incident could have been a lot worse.We are still blessed to have Javon alive