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What effect will the loss of Darrent have on the team?

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  • What effect will the loss of Darrent have on the team?

    I'll start by saying that my prayers and love go out to the family and friends of Darrent Williams.

    I have heard some people say that losing D-Will will give Broncos fire, or that it will have some other kind of positive effect on them in the future. I think that thoughts like that are good because the people who say them want to bring joy and hope to an otherwise tragic situation. I would also like to think the same thing, but such thoughts are really frivolous.

    The loss of Darrent will not have some kind of magic effect on the team. It was a violent crime absent of meaning and has no kernel upon which individuals may grasp at for moral or spiritual sustenance. It was horrific and sad, and ultimately, best for everyone to move on after the appropriate period of reflection and grieving. This is not to minimalize the trauma of his death but to put it into a larger perspective. Next season I hope that the Broncos players have regained their healthy swagger and competitive fire. It is obviously inappropriate to have such thoughts right now, but ultimately that is what I hope the team does.

    That is not to say that the loss of Darrent will not have an effect on the team. I would like to draw a comparison from the situation the Broncos are in to a situation that I experience a couple of years ago. In the fighter squadron I flew in, we lost three young fighter pilots in separate incidents. Luke, a college buddy of mine, was in a sister squadron and he died in a training mission. He left behind a wife and family that struggled to find meaning and a way forward after his accident. Eric and Rob were both from my squadron and in each case they left behind a wake of family and friends who could only ask, 'why Eric?' and 'why Rob?' There was no logic or sense or meaning to the losses, it seemed. When we heard the news, in each case, we were disbelieving, stunned, and crushed. It could easily have been one of us. The wingmen for each pilot was left particularly vulnerable...what could I have done? Could I have prevented it? Did I make a mistake that led to his death? There were no satisfactory answers to these questions and everyone was left empty.

    We found comfort and solace through those still remaining. We made tributes to each of the individuals and sacrificed ourselves for the sake of the families and close friends left behind. We stayed late in the bar on Friday and drank and sang and paid homage to our lost brothers.

    I don't think the overall effect is positive. It's a tragedy and there is no sugar coating the terrible fact that it was a cruel turn. The sum outcome of this event is negative and that can't be changed. However, I do think that it will have some positive effect. In our case, it drew our circle closer, and reinforced the bonds of friendship and gave increased meanings to our own lives. At no point during any particular mission was the loss of our brother pilots a talisman or good luck charm or rallying point, but at other times, during meetings or just in the background, we were a tighter group with a stronger feeling of identity and togetherness. It had the effect of making the organization more meaningful and special.

    In that sense, I do think that the loss of Darrent will have a positive effect on the Broncos organization. I think that the Broncos are already a tight fighting unit, and this will make them even tighter. During off-season workouts, team meetings, and other activities, I think that most players will have stronger feelings of dedication to the team and each other. I don't think that during individual plays that players will play differently or better, but I do think that the sense that you don't want to let your brother down will be made stronger. I think the players will be all the more committed to the team vision instead of to personal desires.

    I can't speak for what the players feel or what will really happen, but this is the closest I can come. I sincerely hope that Darrent's death will provide this kind of meaning in an otherwise senseless chapter of Bronco's history.

    Again, my regrets to Darrent's friends and family. To you: I only knew him through the TV and newspapers and from secondhand sources...but I still share the pain of this tragedy in the kind of removed sense a fan might. By all accounts he was a role model and humble servant of God and left a legacy his children will be proud to inherit. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    A positive effect to win for him.

    It will be good for everyone but I am not sure about Javon because it might jsut be too much and it might just hurt him.
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