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  • Great article from Deion "Primetime" Sanders

    What we can learn about life from Darrent Williams’ death
    By Deion Sanders | Monday, January 8, 2007, 11:00 AM

    As an athlete, you can spend your life on a natural high that makes you start believing you’re invincible.

    You start believing no one can beat you. That no one can hurt you. That no one can touch you. You start believing you are “the man.” Why wouldn’t you believe you’re omnipotent?

    After all, everyone around you is on your payroll. They don’t tell you the truth — only what you want to hear. If you proclaim there’s a white elephant in the corner of the living room, then there’s a white elephant in the living room.

    But all you have to do is look at how quickly Darrent Williams’ life ended on New Year’s Eve to realize that’s a fantasy.

    Williams was killed when someone unloaded a hail of gunfire on his white Hummer limo about 2 a.m. He was hit once in the neck.

    Just like that a promising young cornerback for the Denver Broncos lost his life. His children — 7-year-old Darius and 4-year-old Jaelyn — lost their father. Rosalind Williams lost her only son.

    It makes no sense.

    Last week, I received phone calls from 12 Baltimore Ravens who brought in the new year at church. I wondered if I could have impacted Darrent in such a way that he would’ve never been at the club that fateful night.

    Some people think athletes and celebrities are targets. I’m torn on that issue, but I do know that just because I could run with a football and hit a baseball every now and then didn’t mean I was immune to the trials and tribulations of life.

    Like others, I’ve learned life is full of peaks and valleys. Now, I understand you can’t appreciate the peaks without going through the valleys. Hopefully, while you’re in the midst of one of those valleys you experience something that makes you look in the mirror and finally separate fantasy from reality.

    That’s what happened to me. That’s when I started to understand something was missing in my life. You can have a lot of things — cars, women, jewelry, mansions — but things don’t bring happiness and peace. To be honest, those things controlled me; I didn’t control them. That’s why we must enjoy ourselves and live life to the fullest while why we’re here. The only thing certain in life is death.

    Darrent’s death can turn into a positive if other young people use it to examine the direction of their own lives. I still remember the impact Magic Johnson’s revelation that he had AIDS had on me. I was playing for the Atlanta Falcons when I heard the news, and I know how it impacted me. It made me re-examine my views on sex and women.

    I hope Darrent’s death has the same impact on other young people, whether they’re athletes or not. Maybe this will make them think about who they party with, how they party and why they party.

    We often ask ourselves why would God allow tragedies like Darrent’s murder to happen. The reality is that life is all about making choices. What God gave us is the ability to make a choice and the ability to make decisions.

    We shouldn’t question God. We should question the gunman or gunmen. It was their decision to take a young man’s life — probably because of some inconsequential beef inside the club. Maybe somebody stepped on somebody’s shoe. Or somebody looked at someone the wrong way. It was probably something that trivial.

    Now, a father of two is dead. All we can hope is that Darrent’s death will give others a greater appreciation for life. So take a minute today to tell that person you take for granted that you love them.

    God willing, I’ll hollah at you next week.
    Link to article.

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    Part of it sounds like he's blaming Darrent, though.

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      Originally posted by orangeblossom94
      Part of it sounds like he's blaming Darrent, though.
      I don't think blaming is the right word... He's merely stating that maybe there could have been another choice...

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        That was a great article. Dion knows what he is talking about.


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          Dion was talking about making right and wrong choices.

          He was talking about a father of two not being around to for his children.

          He said we should question (blame as I see it) the gunmen.
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            It's easy to examine the events in hindsight and say there were other choices Darrent could have made that night, but it seems a bit myopic.

            Sanders points out that "12 Ravens players brought in the new year in church". Maybe Deion was directly responsible for that, maybe he wasn't. But had the RAVENS just played a game where they fell just short of the playoffs? Does it seem inapproriate to feel compelled to attend a social party with a few teammates to blow off some steam? I know I certainly needed a drink after that game.

            This tragedy would have occured wether it had been New Years Eve or not.

            Darrent wasn't looking for trouble, but it found him anyway, and now he's dead.
            Is that his fault? No. The fault rests completely in the hands of whoever was willing to do horrible violence- maybe they're the ones who should have been in church that night.

            My philosophy teacher in college said once that, "Sometimes, bad things just happen to good people. Some can spend a lifetime in search of rational meaning or cosmic significance, but a few may be fortunate enough to find acceptance and learn to live their lives with greater awareness and appreciation."

            Perhaps that's the central idea of Deion's article, but ultimately we all have to make peace with this in our own ways.


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              it may seem he blames of what happens but in truly athletes arent invincible it seems like it but there like all of us we gotta make are own choices and sometimes we go places where trouble is not looking for it and things happen for all the wrong reasons


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                Originally posted by Bell&Smith'05
                I don't think blaming is the right word... He's merely stating that maybe there could have been another choice...
                I do not even know if he is saying this 100%. I took the article to be one of which he blams society for making athletes seem invincible which is 100% true. They let other people help them with choices and Darrent screwed his own one up here. I agree with Sanders through many parts of the article, but rumor is Darrent wasn't involved in the altercation. Sanders also states that the kids are going to have to pay for this because they have no father now.
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                  I am impressed. At no time that I am aware of has Deion ever given any indication of insight or self evaluation. Who would have guessed.

                  Thanks for the article. I guess that we all have multiple facets to our personalities.