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    Welcome to the family! I've been a fan since I was 2 and my dad taught me the signal for touchdown and how to say touchdown. That was 28 years ago.

    I lay my "whys" before your Cross, in worship kneeling, mind to numb for thought, heart beyond all feeling. And worshipping, realize that I, knowing you, don't need a "why". Ruth Graham


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      Welcome to the Orange 'n' Blue. Good to have ye.

      I am new to the forum and I was wondering where you can get those comic strips?
      The editorial comics are drawn by Drew Litton.
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      Darrent Williams Tribute Video


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        osufan thanx for your support



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          Welcome, now go get your throwback "D" logo and current logo tattoos, plus you need to have at least three items in your house signed by the king, JOHN ELWAY! Before you can be a card carrying member of Broncos Country!

          LOL, wanted to let you know after going to Stillwater last year and getting to know the people and the fans (visiting Eskimo Joes didn't hurt) I am now an OSU fan!

          Originally posted by osufan
          I have followed the Broncos for the last 2 years to watch Tatum and Darrent play, since I went to OSU and loved watching them play there. I have to say, though, after watching how the Broncos reacted to Darrent's tragic passing, I am now a Broncos fan for life. In this era of professional sports where we all too often hear how players and organizations are only out for themselves, the Broncos organization and their fans are truly class acts! They reacted as a family and supported not only one another, but Darrent's family and friends, and I am very touched by it all. I will now be a Broncos fan forever!