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I have never felt sadder, but never felt prouder!

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  • I have never felt sadder, but never felt prouder!

    I honestly have never felt sadder becuase of being a Bronco fan these past few days. Darrents death is the saddest thing that has happened to me as a result of being a Bronco fan. I really have felt the pain.

    But I have never felt prouder to call myself a Bronco fan, the way this organization has handled this truly tragic event has been moving and amazing. I doubt any other team (no disrespect) would handle this situation the way this organization has. They have supported Darrents family so well, and have thanked his mother for her support. They have gone about everything so well and they have helped each other with support.

    If everyone was like the Denver Broncos orginazation we would be living in a verry happy world.

    I just want to say this. Hats off to the Denver Broncos- Team, Staff, Owner, Fans and just generally the whole organization. CP to the Denver Broncos organization aswell.