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  • John Lynch Live!

    I was at the John Lynch Live! show last night at Old Chicago in Littleton, CO. John and Kyle Johnson hosted the tribute to DWill. They showed the video that was played at the memorial the Broncos held the Wednesday after his death. Someone from Channel 4 (cbs4denver) put the video together, they worked for 12 hours straight, and Keith Burns chose the music, some gospel and then a new hip hop song ("So Fly" I think??) which totally captures DWill. Not a huge group of fans showed up, but, with the snow and the season over that's not surprising. They did hand out a really cool DWill pic with signature to all the fans who were there since they didn't want us to bother John or Kyle for autographs on such a tough night. I got to wear my new personalized D Will 27 blue Broncos jersey last night, it just came in the mail yesterday, so, I was proud to wear it.

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    That is cool. Any chance you can scan and post the pic? Even with the factors of weather and the season being over, would have thought many would attend.... Thanks for the news!


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      here's the link to the tribute, if anyone can let me know what the hip-hop song is and who does it that would be great because I want to download it. thanks! DWill video tribute


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        i will scan and post the pic tonight.


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          That is awesome! I love the Broncos...such a class act.

          By the way, the song is We Fly High by Jim Jones
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            and yeah, can you scan that picture so we can see it?

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              always in our hearts

              here's the picture they handed out last night at John Lynch Live!