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  • Back in the blue zone

    I've been dealing pretty well with Darrent's death the last couple of weeks.

    The class of Mr Bowlan and the Broncos organization, as well as everyone here(including fans of other teams) has made it that much easier.

    However, I got a jolt back to the shock of first hearing about Darrent's death, just last night.

    I was looking through some of my magazines for some pre-sleep reading, and came across the programme for last years AFC Championship game. It was the one that the Bronocs gave to those of us who collected all the cards.

    The covershot is great! The Defense getting ready to go on, and all clasping hands. You can see a few numbers, but only one name.

    Darrent Williams.

    It was just a shock, and brought me to tears to think of how proud he must have been to get that far in his rookie year.

    Thanks again Darrent, for your hard work, positive attitude and winning personality.
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    it's going to stay with all of us, from the draft through training camp and once the season starts too. his memory will always be with us and that hurts, but, at the same time, we can't forget what happened either so i guess that's good for all of us. any word on how his teammates are doing? i haven't heard a word since the funeral.


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      Yeah. It's hard to see things.

      I was reading Fox's book (On the island) and in almost every picture of him DWill was on it.
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