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Fake Darrent Williams Jerseys FLOOD EBAY....Are they Fake?You make the call

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    Originally posted by Marinecorpsat82
    You make a couple of assumptions. First that anyone selling anything on ebay is dishonest and secondly that every local retailer is honest.

    I never once said that EVERYONE selling on ebay is a hack, nor did I say that every "local" retailer is honest. I was simply refering to those people selling these so called "authentic" Darrent Williams jersey's.

    You said it yourself, where were these jersey's the weeks, months, year before Darrent died? No where, there simply wasn't enough demand for them, and then all of a sudden a day after his death someone just happens to have had 15 of them laying around right? And even better is still getting them from a manufacture somewhere when not even our Pro Shop has them available. Honestly if you believe they are real then more power to you and go buy one, but I will not because I know they are fakes and why would I want to give my money to someone who is geniunely taking advantage of a bad situation.

    Just compare a real authentic jersey to the pictures of the ones on Ebay right now and you will notice the very striking differences.

    again everything I am stating is based solely on the Darrent Williams jersey's, no other player/team/sport.


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      Well I have to say that the pictures are not always the best. Even NFL.Com's pictures do not look like an authentic jersey in person. So a picture is not the most reliable way to judge. It comes down to (and this is what I think you are missing) the reputation of the seller. If a seller advertises he is selling an authentic jersey and someone buys it and finds out otherwise or has wanted and looked at authentic jerseys and could not afford them and finds that what he has purchased is not what was represented the seller's reputation is damaged. That is why there is feedback on ebay! If 800 people say the product was as advertised or great transaction what dispute is there that it is what it is? Or that an authentic jersey for auction is just that! If feedback says otherwise then there is doubt.

      Did ebay sellers have 15 DW jerseys laying around no but the local stores didn't either. Why? There was no demand. What is unfortunate is that the local stores went out and got them as did those on ebay but the local stores sell them at the mark up price and therefore make more money on them. So i see no difference if those on ebay are wrong for selling them and "flooding ebay" with them to profit afer DW's death then so is every local retailer that is selling them now and was not before.

      It just seems that ebay sellers are held to a different standard than local retailers and that is not right. Both are profiting off DW's death because the demand is now there. That is evidenced here! There is nothing wrong with a rise in demand, most Bronco fans that want a DW jersey want it to remember him or as a piece of nestalgia and that is fine.

      So before we say that a picture is proof as to the authentcity of an item look deeper before making a judgement. Who knows you may find some great deals.


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        The only thing I'm going to say is ..... those jersey's are 100% fake regardless of what feedback is left and how much feedback that seller has. I buy/sell on ebay all the time and I can tell you right now, I have received items "not as described" but because I don't want to ruin my 100% positive feedback I will not leave a negative for fear of retaliation by seller leaving negative feedback. I'm sure you have heard the old saying, "don't believe everything you read".

        You can argue with me until your blue in the face and want to punch your computer screen but I will tell you right now that EVERY one of those "authentic" Darrent Williams jersey's on ebay are FAKE! period.


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          Originally posted by BIG HOUSE
          theres been fake jerseys as long as theres been ebay so whats the big fuss now?

          Exaaaactly, thread over lol. Who cares, when another player from another team died, SOMEONE was there to exploit it, that's life, now that it's a former Bronco, we're all mad how the world does business, just be smart and don't buy one but if a dude needs to eat, let me sell to stupid overpaying people....nuff said


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            The way you can tell that ALL the darrent jerseys that are being sold right now on eBay are fake is that if you look at the numbers... the outline of the numbers is all thread, when in fact real jerseys are tackle twill sewn on in all colors. Also, the twill fabric used for the numbers is matte and never shiny like that. One last thing to look at is how close the bottom of the 7 is to the bottom of the 2.