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  • Thank you ALL

    I just wanted to say thank you to all the Bronco fans, football fans for that matter, for the support, well wishes and prayers. This has been unbelievably painful for our whole family. Please keep his mom in your prayers. She's been so strong through this but I just can't imagine the pain she's in. My heart literally aches every morning when I get out of bed and I know her pain is 100x mine. The kids are doing okay but they miss their dad so much, as we all do.

    Just the other day Darius asked why God doesn't have a cell phone; he wants to talk to his dad. It made me laugh at first but I had to go into another room and cry like a baby. Jaelyn had a birthday party this past weekend, her birthday is actually today, and it was a little tough for her. She was sad because her dad couldn't see all the gifts she got or play with them with her.

    I just ask you guys to continue to pray for us. We are heading up there this weekend to pack up his belongings. Rosalind is saying she'll be okay and will hold up but I know this is going to be a difficult task for her.

    It's also frustrating to the family that the murderers hadn't been caught yet. I'm sure DPD is doing everything possible to get these guys but they need help. If any of you know anything, heard anything please, please phone that info in. We need to get these cowards off the street.

    We've gotten so many letters and cards from fans all over the world. It's refreshing to know that Dee touched so many people. Something good has got to come out of this tragedy. I know the good Lord wouldn't put us through this for nothing.

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    your family will continue to be in our thoughts and our prayers. . . . we all wish that there was more we could do for you-- and we all share your desire for the killers to be found. . . darrent's memory will always be honored by broncos fans! obviously your loss is immeasureably greater than ours, but we will miss him as well-- we enjoyed the flair and enthusiasm he brought to the game, and though he was tragically taken from us so soon i am at least glad that i got to watch him play for the time that he was here. . . .

    best wishes to all of your family as you work your way through this- i hope that you find the comfort you need. . . .
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    rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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      thank you for posting, My prayers will continue.
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        thanks for posting
        my prayers are with you and the rest of your family.

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          I pray every night for your family - I still cry for the children. No children should have to lose their dad like that and no mother should ever have her son go first.


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            We all wish we could do more for you and your family. If it's any consolation, know that we will never forget Darrent. Thank you for taking time to write us.

            God Bless you.


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              My heart is breaking for you all. I pray that God continues to be your strength and that you will feel the peace that only He can give you.
              Thank you for posting.


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                I got very heavy hearted reading this.

                I keep praying for you guys everyday, five times a day and keep you in my thoughts all the time.

                By the way may I ask who this is? Are you related to our beloved Darrent?
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                  thank you for posting , my thoughts and prayers are with d will and your family
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                    I wish you and your Family Blessings from the Lord.
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                      Originally posted by champbronc2
                      I got very heavy hearted reading this.

                      I keep praying for you guys everyday, five times a day and keep you in my thoughts all the time.

                      By the way may I ask who this is? Are you related to our beloved Darrent?
                      I PM'd 27'skinfolk and asked, He is Darrents cousin, Darrents mom is his aunt.
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                        I hope the people responsible are caught soon

                        Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a message, it must be hard for you, God Bless all of you.
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                          It sucks that homie got shot and wasnt even part of the damn argument. Thats the word I keep hearing. Wish you and the fam the best. DWill died young but made the most of his short life


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                            Thank you for taking the time to update us. It's wonderful to know that someone with ties to Darrent actually reads our thoughts. Take care of your family, and know that Broncomania will NEVER forget D-Will and your family will always be welcomed with open arms in Denver.

                            RIP D-Will and Nash


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                              Thank you so much for posting here. It is special to me that you would take the time to do so. I pray for strength and courage for you, and all of Darrent's family, and I want to thank you for sharing what you did in your post about Darrent's children. Please always remember that we will never forget Darrent and that BEAUTIFUL smile. Please come back often. I have confidence that the people who did this will be caught.

                              Thanks to Bronco4Life and Medford Bronco for signature

                              Rest in Peace - Darrent (27) and Damien (29