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    First let me start by saying, I think that it is wonderful that so many people are giving, and the Bronco organization has gone above and beyond in doing things to help Darrents children. Now they are auctioning off Super Bowl tickets and a stay at a hotel in Miami which should bring a lot of money to his kids. My question is, Didn't he have money in the bank? He played 2 full seasons in the NFL, surely he put some money aside for his kids. With all the trust funds and money being made they are going to have so much money by the time they turn 18 they won't need to go to school. How much is enough? I would have expected them to have already been taken care of.

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    You would think he had money in the bank.

    Unfortunately, professional sports are full of guys who make millions and spend it all. Although I have no idea about Darrent.

    Stuff, bad investments, etc.

    Such a young guy probably thought he had a lot more time to worry about such things.

    And trusts are only as good as the investments the money is in. A trust with all the money in stocks has no protection, where one funded by commercial real estate (for example) has that, and can continue on indefinately.

    Darrent put some money in a music promotion business I think. If he put it all into that, and has nobody else competent to run it in his absence, all that investment might dry up pretty quickly.

    Also, alot will depend on the kind of lifestyle those kids live. It wouldnt take all that much to spend a few million pretty quickly on non-essentials.

    A huge house, a few expensive cars. All thsoe expensive things take a lot of cash to keep up, and when that runs out, have to be sold. A house can increase in value, but an used Ferrari is just an used car worth a fraction of it's original cost.

    Lotto winners blow much more than athletes and end up flat broke.

    Trusts are also only as good as their managers.


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      Boys & Girls Club

      Contributions can also be made in his honor to The Boys & Girls Club:

      Click here to visit the The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth

      Click here to visit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

      Click here to find a Boys & Girls Club in your area.

      This is from his MySpace memorial page...


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        Originally posted by RockiesGirl

        That sounds like a good idea. It would also help a lot of people.