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Williams passing casts pall over team

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  • Williams passing casts pall over team

    Nothing about last year has any meaning. His death overshadows all of last years memories. A young man losing his life (and especially the way he did) has made my interest in sports in general wane. I have no interest in the Super Bowl and this the reason why. Sports are a diversion. This sad event should never be forgot and hopefully never repeated (to anyone). The ultimate irony is that its only a matter of time before it does.

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    It's NEVER EVER a good thing when somebody's life gets taken the way Darrent Williams's life was.

    It's even sadder that it's creating a pall over the team, causing them to mourn for a while.

    But Darrent Williams is in a better place where he won't have to deal with any bullsh*t.


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      I have heard that Javon Had taken it REAL hard, but that is to be expected. I can't imagine what he is going throw, comming that close to being killed himself, and holding Darrent is he died.
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