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John Lynch Reflects on Life of Darrent

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  • John Lynch Reflects on Life of Darrent

    Feb 4, 2007 8:05 pm US/Mountain

    John Lynch Reflects On Life Of Darrent Williams

    Jim Benemann

    (CBS4) DENVER Denver Broncos safety John Lynch recently sat down with CBS4 to discuss the life and memory of his teammate and friend Darrent Williams.

    The last time Lynch saw Williams was also the last time Broncos fans saw him -- on the field in the loss to the San Francisco 49ers on New Year's Eve.

    Williams was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in downtown Denver early Jan. 1.

    The following is an excerpt of the conversation between Lynch and CBS4's Jim Benemann:

    Jim Benemann: What do you remember from that last game?

    John Lynch: Normally, Darrent's locker was right next to mine and so we usually talked right after the games. That particular night, I was upset about what happened on the field. It was probably the first time in my career I didn't feel like answering questions from the media. So I got changed in the training room and I never saw Darrent again.

    Benemann: Darrent was confident but he was also smart enough to know that he could learn from players like you and Champ Bailey. Did you take him under your wing and show him the ropes?

    Lynch: I remember him coming up to me and saying I want to be special in this league as a player. And he said, "I also want you to know that I'm a good person. I have a good heart and I want people to know that." I said to him, "Don't worry about anyone else's perception. You just go out there and do it and actions speak louder than words." And I think that's what he did in his time here.

    Benemann: How has Darrent's death changed Mike Shanahan.

    Lynch: I think everyone got to see the heart of Mike Shanahan come to the forefront.

    Benemann: You did the "all ready" huddle break at the funeral with Darrent's mother. How did that start with Darrent?

    Lynch: We would always say "D Will," you ready to play against Marvin Harrison? And he would say "all ready." That was always his answer to everything. So that's how we wanted to remember him.

    Benemann: The circumstances around his death, the gunshots, does it make you wonder even more how could that happen to such a great young guy?

    Lynch: It scares you a little bit about what's going on in our world and our community.

    Benemann: What do you make about the young guy who pulled the trigger?

    Lynch: You pray for him -- as hard as it is to do.

    Benemann: Does Darrent ever just pop into your head with memories of great moments, fun moments?

    Lynch: Every day, there hasn't been a day since the tragedy happened that you don't think about him. I don't think I would want it any other way. Because, in situations like this, you have to remember him in your heart, and that's what I will continue to try to do.

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    Rest in Peace - Darrent (27) and Damien (29

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    Reading that made tears fall down my face again. Darrent had an impact on everyone he met.