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Lynch & Bailey will have #27 on Helmets in Pro Bowl / Not Jerseys (Merged)

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    League to honor DWill at Pro Bowl

    according to KFFL.........

    Broncos | Williams to be honored during Pro Bowl
    Fri, 9 Feb 2007 10:06:29 -0800

    The Associated Press reports the National Football League will honor deceased Denver Broncos CB Darrent Williams during the Pro Bowl by putting No. 27 decals on the back of every player's helmet.
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    Looks like Lynch & Bailey will get to wear their #27 decals along with everyone else in this years Pro Bowl.



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      If this is true, it's a good thing.

      There are two kinds of teams in the AFCW; The losers and the Broncos!!!

      I Support our Troops!
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        You know, we had threads, discussions how they league would honor him before the initial wild card playoff games....

        We got nothing....

        I would HOPE and PRAY this is true but my hopes of this actually occurring are minimal.

        My wife and I are going to Hawaii March 6th to visit a friend who will be at the Pro Bowl. Believe me, I am sending her this message and will ask about feedback and whether it happens or not.

        Sometimes things happen during commercial breaks, so I will get a first hand answer as to if this happens or not...

        Will keep you posted after this weekend.
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          Well, there's been nothing shown on TV about it and there aren't any stickers on the other player's helmets. I don't know if there are on the Broncos', but I'll be able to tell soon enough.

          EDIT: Both Bailey & Lynch have a 27 decal on the right side of the back of helmet.
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            here is the decal on champ.


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              Originally posted by Ravage!!!
              I don't think tagliabue would have allowed this either. I can see there are reasons that they limit on what is done to honor someone. If you let one person do something, then you have to allow the next person. But we don't know what the next person may want.

              Thats why they didn't allow people to wear the #40 stickers for longer than they had specified, and fined Jake for wearing it. Although Tillman was important to Jake, he wasn't necessarily important to everyone else. So what if a guy lost his brother, shouldn't he be allowed to wear a decal on his helmet to give tribute? What about if he lost a brother, a cousin and uncle in a car accident. Should he be allowed to wear a sticker for each one? Why not? It may not be important to you, but I'm sure its important to him.

              Plus... its possible that they have turned down someone else in the past on requests of changing their numbers. ALSO... the NFL strives on people knowing their favorite players when they turn on the TV to watch the pro-bowl game. They would want people to recognize the stars on the field. The stars on the field is their only promotion.
              I agree with the NFL on this one actually, and Ravage put it into words really well IMO.

              Darrent was important to us Broncos fans, butg not necessarily to the rest of the world. I do not see why so many fans expect Darrent to get so much special coverage in a way. Like retire his number, get him on the Madden Cover, I don't see how he deserved them as they were Football accomplishments.

              I believe that the mourning period is over, it's been over a month, we just have to move on.


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