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  • Remembering

    Well its March 1st, and 60 days have gone by. I still get upset when I think about what happened. Now Damien is up there. I read somewhere on this board that God must love Broncos. I tend to agree. I wear my bracelet every day, and I feel that even though DWill died so young, he is always present in my thoughts, and that says alot about his character.
    The football machine is moving and we are signing players, and will be drafting players, and than on to practices. No matter how many good players we get, no matter how much we win, I for one will never forget #27. I have been told I have gotten way to into this whole issue, but, I was a fan of him as a player, and more importantly a person, so its ok to be driven by his untimely death.
    I am keeping my sig as it is, with DWill all over it until those murdering cowards are caught.
    "I don't think it's 'Tebow Time'; I just think it's 'Bronco Time"
    Tim Tebow

  • #2
    Yea man
    there hasnt been a day gone by that i Havvnt thought of it
    I was in Denver and got me a D-will jersey today
    i was shocked there was some there.
    I wanted to see a memorial or something but there wasnt anything that i know of.

    But man this is definatly very tough to deal with.

    I wish i had something else going on so i could think about other things.

    and God is a Bronco fan.
    Thats why sunsets are orange