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  • Missin' Darrent

    Was just missin' Darrent, and watching some of the vids on Youtube, and this one is pretty good, had some images I hadn't seen before. He was the one I'd always watch for going into the players tunnel. Before the Patriots playoff game (he'd been injured) And someone asked him if he was 100%, and Darrent was already halfway down the tunnel, and he just gave the thumbs up, and pumped his fist, and I knew he was ready. He was SOOO amped up for that game, and really got the crowd going, dancin' during pre-game warm-ups. Some lady actually offered me double the money for the last Darrent Williams jersey at that game, and I told her no.

    He would later autograph that same jersey, after the Monday night game vs Ravens, and he was in street clothes ( still sporting the fro-hawk ) and I told him to keep up the good work, and he was my 10 year old sons idol, he said he appreciated it, and fo' sure fo' sure, he'd keep up the good work.

    With the new season growing nearer, i'm excited, but struggling to choose a favorite player. I will wear my Darrent jersey to every home game I go to this year.