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Kenny will be a bronco for life!

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  • Kenny will be a bronco for life!

    Wow. Just wow. I heard the news about Kenny late last night, and since then Ive been numb. I remember when DWill and Nash passed. It was devastating, as is this untimely loss. I like all of you live through my denver broncos team vicariously on each and every game day, as well as throughout the off season.
    I've been a fan of the team for a very long time, and I consider the players, to be like brothers and in some of the cases, l view the young players like a son I am very proud of! Kenny, Nash and Dwill were like that to me. I can never fully realize the loss that the families and bronco collegues must be feeling right now. But I do know this, when tragedy hits, families rally, and we as the extended arm of the Broncos family will unite and bring comfort to each other as well as keep Kenny's memory alive and well. Kenny is a Bronco, through life and death, we will not forget him. Four years have passed since Dwill and Nash have passed, and to this day we all keep them alive in one way or another, be it by wearing their jerseys, mentioning them in our sigs, but know this McKinley family, Kenny will not be forgotten. He is one of us for as long as the Broncos exist.

    My one and only request to the Bronco players, bring a victory home this weekend for Kenny. Royal, Gaff, Loyd, DT and Decker catch one at least for him! Show the world how proud and strong Bronco Nation is!

    Rest in peace Kenny!