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Tragedy for the Broncos Nation

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  • Tragedy for the Broncos Nation

    This team has gone through some hard times the pas few years its like this dark cloud has been hovering above this football team and it won't stop raining. From the deaths of darrent williams and act of violence or the death of damian nash the act of possibly the natures of the human body or Kenny brought on by his own struggles it just devastating. I hope one day they and their families find the peace of mind and strength to keep pushing on. I hope Denver finds its light again, its idenity it has lost along the terrain of the NFL, the soul, the heart Whatever it may be. Even though I am not a big fan of mcdaniels I hope one day his vision succeeds and denver will rightfully return to glory on top the NFL.

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    Not sure how Denver has lost its identity. I think you are saying that we aren't winning divisions, playoff games and Super Bowls right now... and that winning would give us that "identity" back.

    Which is fine, but what does that have to do with players dying?


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      I don't think denver has lost it's identity....

      also keep in mind that..

      Only 5 players on the current team played with Darent or Nash


      and aside from some of the trainers, and front office guys, none of the main coaches were here either.

      so aside from the media, the other 48 guys, and coaching staff are experiencing this for the first time.


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        Wow, i had never stopped and noticed owninit....
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