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    Here's a new article on Really unfortunate to lose such a great guy. He sounds like he was a fun person to be around.

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    There has not been one single comment by family, friends or teammates that would suggest that he wasn't a fun guy to be around.

    It is only speculated that he loved the game of football so much, that the fact that he couldn't play due to the knees, destroyed his inner self.

    His passion and love for the game is well known, and he must have felt so overwhelmed that he couldn't deal with the possibility of not playing.

    His smile was a trademark of his and we're all going to miss seeing it.
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      Awesome article! Thanks for sharing. It still stuns me when I stop to think about his passing.

      RIP Kenny


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        Great article.

        Unfortunately it's not unusual that people say "I never expected HIM/HER to do that!" when someone decides to take this step. Many people who consider this step are able to let the outside world not know what's going on inside of them and can play a role of a happy and worry-free person, even to family and closest friends. It's a little bit like the cliche of the sad clown - happy on stage, sad in his home.

        I know that out of personal and painful experience. You think you know somebody really good but actually you know nothing. There are people who can be real desperate but you will never realize how bad they feel because they are able not to show it to anyone. Unfortunately therefore they cannot get the help which they need and that could give them new perspectives, a way out of the situation in which they are stuck.

        We will never find out what made Kenny feel that bad that he didn't see any other way out. It's just so sad to know that things could've been different if Kenny had found a way to express his feelings. We just can hope that other people in desperate situations are able to express their feelings so we can help them out of their grief.
        There's nobody to blame - I honestly belive that nobody knew what was really going on inside of Kenny. It's just too sad that Kenny was able to mislead everyone around him about his true feelings. Hopefully he found the peace he was looking for. May his soul rest in peace and may we never ever have to mourn such a loss again.



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          Wanted to get that other thread off of the main page.

          Bump this one.
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