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Defensive line to get stronger and faster...hopefull?!!

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  • Defensive line to get stronger and faster...hopefull?!!

    Rumor has it that the Bronco's will sign DE Anton Palepoi who was waived by Seattle. He is an incredible pass rusher who has fast feet and great instincts. His career at UNLV was awesome but he was smothered in Seattleville and not given a chance to play because of the defensive coach change and politics plus they brought in Chike Okeafeorkdwsedifnadknf....(what ever that last name is) who really is a pro bowl DE this year. Palepoi played in the San Diego preseason game and had a killer game with a major sack on Brees to end a drive so I think he will be a huge attribute to back up if not work his way into some starter minutes with the Bronco's. I'm pumped and am only looking forward to seeing the defense step it up another notch...Pryce is a serious loss but not the end of the world!

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    Glad somebody knows something about him. I'd never heard of him and was hoping there was good news about him.
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