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Where there's fire, there's smoke!

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    Look at what I can do

    I see Ricky going to the Raiders, Al Davis will introduce Ricky to former player Bill Romanowski, Bill will befriend Ricky and introduce him to his wife and doctor, who, using prescription pharmacueticals (written for Bills wife....wink,wink) will help Ricky to find himself again and his dedication to the game. Ricky becomes two-way player and "gunner" on special teams, wrestles lions for kicks, and is fitted with a shock collar by his coach.
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      Ricky will return

      Just like "Dug out Douglas McArthur in WWII, Ricky Williams has said, " I will return". The new coach of the doll-fins, Nick Sabin , has said he and Ricky will pass the peace bong and become one with Wayne Hizinga. Maybe if Shanny would not bogart the ego thing, Ricky would run for the Broncos.


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        lol, that was sweet.


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          Originally posted by fido
          In a suprise move, the Miami Dolphins have re-signed renegade running back,Ricky Williams. While cruising the Miami strip with ex-evangelist Jimmy Swaggert, Coach Dave Wannstedt saw a huge cloud of smoke coming from a building. Dave and Jimmy rushed in to find Ricky Williams enveloped in flame and watching Cheech and Chong. Well, the reunion was immediate and joyous, and as the three friends drove off, they could be heard singing, "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind." In honoring the new contract, the Dolphins have agreed to plant marijuana next to their stadium for Ricky's "Field of Dreams" program for Miami area youth. In addition, Dolphins owner, Wayne Hizinga, will place hemp in each end zone to help Ricky run for the gold. A pleased Dave Wannsted remarked" I always knew, where there's fire, there's smoke!
          THis is the rumor mill, not story time..............


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            Are you crazy?

            Originally posted by chickennob2
            Yes, thse worthless arsonist welsh....
            How dare you say that women should stick to women sports. Are you a sexist pig.
            I truely beleive that a women can play just as good football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. I should know! Never underestimate the power of womenhood.


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              What is a story and what is a rumor?

              The difference betwixt the two, i would suggest, is a thin line-if you don't like this story/rumor-go the the Raiders site -most of all be happy-DUDE
              Wel dyma i chi ddefaid da!


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                I like a good story/rumor

                Who cares if the original post was a story or a rumor-Unless you and Ricky are
                blowin doobies together, you may not know if this is a story or a rumor.